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MIA of RM                                                           
SDB – 1st Department      
RUSBD [Regional Department of the State Security Service]-Kumanovo                                                                   
Operative worker XXXXXXXXXXXXXX                                                 Line of work:
Evidentiary number 190                                                                                     xxxxxxx
22/Mar/1994                                                                                                   PT "Crni"
Kumanovo                                                                                                       xxxxxxxxx

                                              OPERATIVE MEMO

SUBJECT: Acquired information regarding
                  PT "CRNI"

On 21/Mar/1994 a conversation was conducted with the operative connection xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. The same was conducted at his office, at our initiative and in accordance to his previously delegated assignments regarding PT "Crni".

In the course of the conversation, among other things, xxxxxxxxxxx said that as much as he could notice PT "Crni" never comments on political events. He is acting as a totally apolitical person. On a number of occasions xxxxxxxx had tried to commence a conversation regarding the conditions and situations between the political parties in our country, but PT "Crni" would never accept the conversation under the excuse that he does not find politics interesting, and that he is looking after his business, while those who are paid to do so should worry about politics. It is xxxxxxxxxx opinion, as well as ours that "Crni's" demonstrated attitude regarding this topic is because xxxxxxxxxxxx is member of the Social-democratic Union and "Crni" of VMRO-DPMNE, because of which the two of them have completely opposite views concerning many societal issues.

On xxxx 1994, PT "Crni" invited the Source together to {Remainder of page missing}

In Skopje they visited the private company "Likom", owned by Ljubco N. ["Unkown to us"]. After a short stay at "Likom", they returned to Kumanovo with the same vehicle. Somewhere in front of the Fairgrounds in Skopje, near the parking lot on the left side of the street, Tomislav Stojanovski, his son Dragan Daravelski and Predrag Dimkovski xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx were waiting for "Crni". Immediately they entered a house near the parking lot, the Source stayed outside. PT "Crni" came out of the house about twenty minutes later and he and the Source resumed their journey back to Kumanovo, while the rest stayed there, but for how long it was unknown to the Source.

The source did not express any interest to PT "Crni" regarding Dimkovski, Stojanovski and Daravelski, while PT "Crni" did not say anything about it, and regarding their business with companies from the Republic of Bulgaria he said that it was going very well, that he has broad connections - businessmen, in many places around Bulgaria. He is planning on going to Sofia soon with a number of persons - businessmen from Sofia have scheduled a luncheon in Sofia and he invited the Source to come along if he could. The invitation was accepted by the Source.

No further intelligence was obtained in the course of the conversation.


The intelligence and information that were presented to us by xxxxxxxx are interesting and deserve our intention. Special attention deserves the intelligence regarding the meeting of the mentioned persons who were accompanying xxxxxxxxxxx and PT "Crni" and their departure and prolonged stay in the private house located near {Reminder of page missing}

…PT "Crni's" disclosure regarding his successful cooperation with persons-businessmen from the Republic of Bulgaria deserves our attention, while "Crni's" invitation for the Source to the luncheon in Sofia presents a very favorable circumstance to us.

The source was delegated with a number of assignments in case the mentioned luncheon in Sofia was to materialize, he is to be persistent in finding out as much as is possible about PT "Crni's" business connections there, he is to strive to make an effort examine their closeness to PT "Crni", and to continuously keep him under surveillance, so as to register all of his contacts, pay attention to his stance and attitude toward the contactors, [and to inform] whether duration their stay in the Republic of Bulgaria PT "Crni" would leave him alone under any excuse and etc.  

                                                                                                            Operational worker 


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