Saturday, June 16, 2012


MIA of RM                                                           
SDB – 1st Department      
RUSBD [Regional Department of the State Security Service]-Kumanovo                                                                   
Operative worker XXXXXXXXXXXXXXx                                               Line of work: 
Evidentiary number 736                                                                     xxxxxxxxxx
07/OCT/1993                                                                          PO "CRNI"

                                    OPERATIVE MEMO


The implementation of the measure xxxxx to date toward PT "Crni", the following discoveries have been made and the following person have been registered to appear as his business connections: Ratko N. [the "N." stands for "Unknown"] called "Macalor" from Kumanovo, Ljubo N. from Ingilar, Serbia, Miki N.  from Nis, Stanoje N. owner of "Kontrašped" from Kumanovo, Vančo N. from Skopje, Ljupčo N. owner of the company "Nikom" from Skopje, according to our evaluation Ljupčo is the closest of these persons to PT "Crni", Tošo N. Trade Director at ZIK [Agricultural-Industrial Cooperative] "Kumanovo" from Kumanovo and professor Kljamov N. from Sofia from the Republic of Bulgaria.

The implementation of the measure xxxxx has not provided additional security-interesting information or information concerning contacts with other commercial contacts from the Republic of Bulgaria or the Republic of Macedonia.


The finding of the connections and contacts of PT "Crni" with professor Kljamov from Sofia deserves our attention.

The implementation of the measure will allow us to follow the connections and contacts of PT "Crni" with Kljamov with the objective of receiving more precise knowledge’s and
{Rest of memo not provided}

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