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State Security Service
RDSSS - Kumanovo
Line of work: XXXX                                                                     Evidentiary number: 308
Operative Worker XXXXXXXXXXX                                                           13/APR/1993

On the basis of Article 16 of the Internal Affairs Act ("Official Journal of SRM" [the Socialist Republic of Macedonia] No. 37/87), Articles 56 and 57 of the Governing Ordinances for the Operation of the SDB [State Security Service] ("Official Journal of the Republic of Macedonia"—Special Official Journal No. 10/92), I submit this

                                                          P R O P O S A L          [SEAL:]{026452}

TO ENTER INTO PRELIMINARY TREATMENT (PT) the person PETROVSKI Dušan JORDAN, born on 24/JAN/1951 in Kumanovo, Macedonian, citizen of the Republic of Macedonia, owner of the private company "Snežana i Sinovi" from Kumanovo, where he lives in an apartment on "Pitu Guli" street number 15.

The person shall be entered under the pseudonym "CRNI".

J u s t i f i c a t i o n

The findings and information that the SDB [State Security Service] has at its disposal indicate that Petrovski Jordan is engaged in intelligence activity for the benefit of the BNRS [Bulgarian National Intelligence Service], directed toward a forcible usurpation or endangerment of the Constitutional order and the security of the Republic. The same originates from a middle propertied family from Kumanovo, which during the time of the NOB [National Struggle for Liberation, WWII] sided with the Occupier. In fact, the Service has at its disposal information that his father Dušan was at that time used by the BRS [Bulgarian Intelligence Service] and was held as a connection by Colonel Andonov, a high officer in what was then the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Bulgaria, in charge of Kumanovo. After the liberation he [Dušan] held many appointments and high positions in the societal-political life of the Municipality.

Jordan is the owner of the private company "Snežana i Sinovi". As an owner of the company he has established private and business relations and maintains regular contacts with persons from R Bulgaria, Russia and other Eastern European countries. His business cooperation with private and state-owned companies from R Bulgaria, and especially contacts his with Ogñan Petkov, Department Chief in the Ministry of Commerce of the Republic of Bulgaria, for whom we have confirmed information that is being used by the BNRS, deserve special attention. In the presence of a collaborator of the SDB, Petkov has stated that owners of businesses from the Republic of Macedonia who are members or sympathizers of the VMRO are to be given maximum assistance. Apparently this is an official policy of their Government. Cooperation with companies like that owned by Jordan Petrovski is considered a State interest.

The overall information at the disposal of the SDB concerning Petrovski Jordan and the family from which he originates, which we evaluate to be correct, form the basis to suspect that Petrovski Jordan, is being used by the BNRS, which is creating conditions for his engagement toward our country.

The purpose of entering Petrovski into PT is to discover, follow, confirm and document his anti-constitutional activity, for which a special plan of operational and operational-technical measures and activities shall be prepared as part of this proposal.

P R O P O S E D by;                                                              A G R E E D by:           XXXXXXXX         XXXXX                                                            XXXXXXXXXXX
XXXXXXXXXXXXXX                                                      XXXXXXXXXXX
XXXXXXXXXXXXXX                                                      XXXXXXXXXXX


On the basis of the presented allegations we deem that conditions as set out by Article 16 of the Internal Affairs Act and Article 56 of the Governing Ordinances for the Operation of the SDB have been fulfilled. For these reasons I approve the person marked by the Decision of the Undersecretary of the SDB to be entered in to Preliminary Treatment.



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