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MIA of RM                                                           
SDB – 1st Department      
RUSBD [Regional Department of the State Security Service]-Kumanovo                                                                   
Operative worker XXXXXXXXXXXXXX                                                 Line of work:
Evidentiary number 924                                                                                     xxxxxxx
18/NOV/1994                                                                                                             PT "Crni"


SUBJECT: xxxxxxxxxxxx from Kumanovo
                  conducted informative conversation.-

On 17/NOV/1994 in the offices of this RUSBD [Regional Department of the State Security Service] an informative conversation was conducted with xxxxxxxxxxxxxx from Kumanovo. The same was conducted at our initiative, and with purpose of acquiring security interest information and intelligence regarding PT "Crni", because we have operational data at our disposal, and from personally noticing that the same is maintaining contacts with PT "Crni".

In agreement with the Chief of RUSDB our joint evaluation was that xxxxxxxxxxxxx is a positive citizen and that we could proceed with the conversation with the same on the already mentioned subject, and with the purpose of orientation: evaluation of his capabilities and readiness for his further use towards "Crni".

In the course of the conversation, among other things, the same informed us that during the election campaign PT "Crni", as well as Tomilsav Stojanovski the recent VMRO-DPMNE member of parliament, had proposed and advised him to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. The Source did not accept the proposal or advice, for the reason that the same had too many commitments already, and did not want to enter politics on such a scale; because, after all, that sort of engagement requires a fully prepared person. After rejecting the proposal {Remainder of page missing}
…plan, first in the village of Pčinja, then for the area of the city where he lives. Xxxxxxxxxxxxx accepted these demands and suggestions, but did not commit himself sufficiently in this respect, because of the fact the same has different political convictions, but he exhibited some propaganda activity in the mentioned area, so as not to lose the authority and trust he has built with the mentioned persons.

Regarding PT "Crni", xxxxxxxxxxx said that he is very secretive, everything that he does, he does on his own, and that he had a faith in him, at least that is the impression that he left on him in their contacts to date. He [Petrovski] has numerous formal liaisons in the Republic of Bulgaria, but specifics are unknown to him [the Source], but for future xxxxxxxxxx took it as an assignment upon himself to determine the identities of every business and other connection of PT "Crni's" from the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of Macedonia.

In the end, because xxxxxxxxx was limited by time, it was agreed that he handle the assignment which he took upon himself for the future period with the utmost attention and care, and to make the time to continue this conversation soon.

Xxxxxxxxxxx accepted the obligations with pleasure and told us that he would work on realizing them, however expressed that he had a certain degree of fear of being discovered and deconspired. We informed him that as far as our side is concerned, we guarantee his conspiracy [confidentiality], and that he needs to be careful while realizing the assignments and the obligations.


Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx displayed a positive attitude during the conversation. He accepted the conversation with a pleasure, as well as the assignments and the obligations that came out of the conversation, and which he volunteered to handle.

It is our estimate that xxxxxxxxxx has the objective conditions and subjective possibilities to get to pretty interesting information and intelligence regarding PT "Crni", because of which it was agreed to continue contacts with him.

xxxxxxxxxxxx            xxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                                  xxxxxxxxx



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