Tuesday, June 26, 2012


MINISTRY OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS of the Republic of Macedonia                                                           
SSS- 1st Department                                                                           
Operative worker XXXXXXXX                                                                               Line of Work:
Evidentiary number: 259                                                                                XXXXX

                                              OPERATIVE MEMO

Subject: XXXXXXXXXXX, from Kumanovo,
informative conversation conducted.

On 30/MAR/1993 between the hours of 11:30 and13:00 an informative conversation was conducted with XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX at "Bumerang" restaurant.

The conversation was conducted at our initiative, with the goal of acquiring information of security-based nature concerning Petrovski Dušan Jordan, owner of a private company from Kumanovo, person of security interest by [line of] BNRS [Bulgarian National Intelligence Service].

XXXXXXXXXXX had been employed in the restaurant "Baba Cana", ownership of Petrovski Jordan. While under [Petrovski's] employ, XXXXXXXX found out that in the beginning of the month of February four persons from Russia visited Petrovski in a business capacity (Kuznecov Aleskij, Spuskanok Jurij, Tomatenko Vladimir and Biletski Mihail), one of which was Minister of Commerce, while another a Secretary in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Concerning business cooperation with Bulgaria, XXXXXXXX said that Petrovski had developed good cooperation and was making extra profits from it; [Petrovski] was in constant contact with business partners from Russia and especially with business partners from R Bulgaria. [Petrovski] traveled to R Bulgaria for that reason, and often representatives from private and state companies from Bulgaria were Petrovski's guests in Kumanovo. Concerning Petrovski, further in the conversation XXXXXXXXXX said that he works wisely, he is very careful, that he never included anybody in his business conversations with representatives from R Bulgaria or Russia. When he was traveling to Russia or R Bulgaria, he regularly travelled alone. [THE SOURCE] said that it was unknown to him whether Petrovski was involved in something that is prohibited, but it was obvious that [Petrovski] made extremely high profits over a relatively short period of time, which he found to be indicative.

Concerning Petrovski's cooperation with companies from R Bulgaria, the person Dragan N. owner of the company "Biljanovce-promet" could have some additional information, as well as Dragan, an employee at the restaurant "Baba Cana", ownership of Jordan Petrovski.

No other information was acquired during the conversation.


XXXXXXXXXXX is a friendly connection of ours. Considering that he has a good relationship with Petrovski Jordan, we will continue our contacts, with the goal of gradually engaging XXXXXXX toward [Petrovski].

For the purpose of finding appropriate persons and means to engage them by toward Petrovski, XXXXXXXXXX an employee at "Baba Cana”, and XXXXXXXX owner of the company XXXXXXXXXX will be studied and called in for conversation.   


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