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MIA of RM                                                           
SDB – 1st Department      
RUSBD [Regional Department of the State Security Service]-Kumanovo                                                                   
Operative worker XXXXXXXXXXXXXX                                                 Line of Work:
Evidentiary number 904                                                                                     PO “Crni”

                                              OPERATIVE MEMO  
SUBJECT: xxxxxxxxxxxx from Kumanovo,
                   conducted conversation.

On 9.December.1993 at our initiative, and in accordance to the previously stated objectives regarding PT "Crni", xxxxxxxxxxxxxx from Kumanovo was contacted and a conversation was conducted with the same.

During the course of the conversation among other things xxxxxxx said and even though he has been making attempts at creating favorable conditions for a wider conversation regarding the conditions and the possibilities for starting and entering into private business, since PT "Crni" already knows that xxxxxxx still has not received an appointment at xxx and because of that he intends to register a private company and to leave xxx. Just on one occasion he was able to mention this intention [to Petrovski], to which PT "Crni" replied that "registering a private company is not a problem, however, finding business partners is a challenge, and besides, the current economic climate is not favorable. My advice is to wait a while, maybe the market conditions will change."

He evaded saying anything about his commercial partner, especially concerning those from abroad.
In an untied conversation with xxxxxxxxxx from Lt. Colonel in ARM
{Remainder of page missing}

…Bulgaria, is cooperating especially well with some private company from Blagoevgrad [city in Bulgaria close to the Macedonian border] whose owners are Jordan and Blaga N. ["N." stands for "Unknown to us"]

The use of the measure xxxxxxxx has provided us with information that PT "Crni" is exercising business contacts with Nikolov N. ["N." stands for "Unknown to us"] from Blagoevgrad.

It is our evaluation it is very likely that it is Jordan and Blaga Nikolovski from Blagoevgrad who are owners of a company. Regarding Jordan [Nikolov] we have at our disposal only information that he is an engineer by vocation, and that he is a good businessperson.         


Xxxxxxxxx has been making efforts to complete the tasks which he was assigned with to act toward PT "Crni", but because of PT "Crni's" regular absentness from the region, the same [the Source] has not had the opportunity to meet frequently in order have more elaborate discussions concerning the same [the tasks]. We think that Zafirovski will gradually earn PT "Crni's" trust and which will then encourage PT "Crni" to take him on for possible cooperation if the same registers a private company, for which he has serious intention. Our evaluation is based, among other things, on the finding that xxxxxxxxx originates from a similar family to the Petrovskis, from which PT "Crni" originates when it comes to their political-ideological determinations and their attitude during the Bulgarian occupation of our country even though xxxxxxx now belongs to SDS [Social-democratic Union] of the Republic of Macedonia.

It was agreed that xxxxxxxx continue the contacts and conversations on this topic with PT "Crni" and to continue creating conditions for possible joint travel to the Republic of Bulgaria, all with a purpose of identification and examination of PT "Crni's" business and other contacts from the Republic of Bulgaria.

                                                                                                            Operational worker 

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