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MIA of RM                                                           
SDB – 1st Department      
RUSBD [Regional Department of the State Security Service]-Kumanovo                                                                   
Operative worker XXXXXXXXXXXXXX                                                 Line of Work:
Evidentiary number 68                                                                                       xxxxxxx
                                  [Hadnwriting:] {Conditions in Bulgaria illegible                    
                                                                                                {4th Department}

                                              OPERATIVE MEMO  
SUBJECT: xxxxxxxxxxxx from Kumanovo,
                  conducted informative conversation.-

On 14/FEB/1994 at our initiative an informative conversation was conducted with xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, owner of the company xxxxxxxx, from Kumanovo.

The conversation was conducted in his office located on "Xxxxxxxxxxx", street regarding his five day stay in the Republic of Bulgaria during the month of February of this year.

During the course of the conversation among other things xxxxxxxxx regarding his travel and stay in the Republic of Bulgaria, said that he traveled with his spouse and that he had the intention of testing the attitude of Bulgarian border authorities toward him, after the expiration of the measure of a 5 year prohibition to enter Bulgaria which was applied against him by the Bulgarian border authorities, as well as visiting and renewing his friendly connection with Bončo N. ["Unknown to us"], a private hospitality entrepreneur from Samokov [city in Bulgaria] and Žoro N. ["Unknown to us"] owner of a car repair shop, also from Samokov. During the course of his contacts and conversations with Bončo and Žoro, as xxxxxx said, was seriously warned from both of them independently from each other, to be careful with whom he gets in contact and with whom he starts business cooperation, because if they were not { illegible illegible illegible illegible illegible} very difficult to deal with { illegible illegible} in the last two years, but especially in the last couple of months they pointed out that the crime rate in the Republic of Bulgaria rose to before unseen levels. Countless mafia groups are roaming the country, and even persons who are servicemen of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are involved with these groups, which represent a particular problem to the efforts if discovering and the apprehension of the same. He was also warned never to travel in the night hours, because in the opposite, the worst could befall him.

Regarding the process of denationalization Bončo said that it was already being finalized, with regards to the housing fund and other real estate, but that they are having problems denationalizing [agricultural] land. Lists are being made and surveys are being conducted, and land is being returned [to its owners of the pre-Communist era], but the denationalization of land is difficult because the majority of people do not want to go back to work on the land, and that everybody is looking for earnings out of very little effort. Because a large portion of the ethnic-Turkish population has moved to Turkey, a labor deficit is being felt in Bulgaria, and there is nobody willing to work the land [to work in agriculture].

Because of the circumstances in which the contacts with Bonča and Žoro took place, xxxxxxx said that no political conversations took place, due to what no security-interesting information or findings were obtained.


Xxxxxxxxx has been used by us from time to time. The same has numerous friendly connections in the Republic of Bulgaria through which he has the ability to obtain security-interesting information and findings. The same, as an owner of a trading company, has a basis for frequent travel to the Republic of Bulgaria and is making contacts with persons who are owners of companies with which other persons who are owners of companies from Kumanovo and the Republic (PT "Crni", xxxxxx and others) also make contacts, because of which the same [the Source], among other things, will be engaged for the purpose of discovery and examination of the contacts and connections of PT "Crni" and other owners of companies from this region with security-interesting people from the Republic of Bulgaria.

                                                                                                            Operational worker 


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