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MIA of RM                                                           
SDB – 1st Department      
RUSBD [Regional Department of the State Security Service]-Kumanovo                                                                   
Operative worker XXXXXXXXXXXXXX                                                 Line of work:
Evidentiary number 501                                                                                     xxxxxxx
21/JUN/1994                                                                                                   PT "Crni"
Kumanovo                                                                                                       xxxxxxxxx


SUBJECT: Made contact with operative connection
                   Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx regarding PT "Crni".

On 16.June.1994 between the hours of 11:00 to 12:30 contact was made and a conversation was conducted with the operative connection xxxxxxxxxxxxxx. The conversation took place in his office, and was made at our initiative, in relating previously delegated assignments concerning PT "Crni".

In the course of the conversation, among other things, xxxxxxxxx said that lately PT "Crni" has been very careful, and that he has been persistently evading contacts with him, and that he [Petrovski] hides his trips to the Republic of Bulgaria from him. The Source believes that this is so because PT "Crni", as a member of VMRO-DPMNE, is frequently in the company of  Dragan Daravelski and Predrag Dimkovski xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and as a result of their influence he [Petrovski] is putting some distance from the Source, because the Source is member of SDSM.

Concerning the finding regarding the meeting between Dragan Daravelski, Predrag Dimkovski, PT "Crni" and Tomislav Stojanovski on one side and N.N. ["Unknown to us"] persons from Skopje that took place on 13/MAR/1994 in the private house in Skopje, located near the parking lot the Fairgrounds in Skopje xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx illegible illegible illegible

…exact locating and identifying of the building - private house in which the meeting took place.

On 17.June.1994 the Source accompanied us on a trip to Skopje where it was established that the building - private house is located on street "163" number 117, immediately adjacent to the auto-mechanic repair shop and hospitality establishments.   



The opinion of the Source concerning the change of PT "Crni's" attitude toward him coincides with our opinion. Namely, it is our evaluation that the chief of the mentioned group is Tomislav Stojanovski, father of Daravelski Dragan, and the same cannot settle with the fact that the source is member of SDSM, and be part of their social circle.

Regardless of the above opinion, the Source has been directed not to distance himself from and to keep up efforts on order to materialize the agreed trip with "Crni" to Bulgaria, with the purpose of discovering his connections and positions in Bulgaria.

Operative worker 


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