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MIA of RM                                                           
SDB-1st Department                                                                              
Operative worker XXXXXXXXXXX                                                                      Line of Work:
Evidentiary number 829                                                                     XXXXXXXXXXXX

                                              OPERATIVE MEMO

             Kumanovo, preliminary research. -

At the request of the 1st Department of the State Security Agency exhaustive authentications have been completed regarding the person PETROVSKI JORDAN, from father Dušan and mother Nada; born on 24/JAN/1951 in Kumanovo, where he resides in an apartment on "Pitu Guli" street number 15; married, father of two, Macedonian, citizen of Macedonia.

He originates from a materially well established family from Kumanovo. During the Struggle for National Liberation [World War II] and the People's Revolution [also reference to WWII], Jordan's father, Dušan lived in Kumanovo and did not take part in either. The Petrovski family does not enjoy good reputation or authority among the people. The family itself is looked upon with contempt and hatred, because of its enemy stance, especially Dušan Petrovski. During the Bulgarian Occupation [WWII], Dušan worked for the Bulgarian Commissariat in Kumanovo. As such, he had a hostile attitude toward his fellow citizens. Additionally, there are confirmed records that he was an asset of the Bulgarian Intelligence Service. He was held as a connection by some Andonov, an officer of the then Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria in charge of Kumanovo. Additionally, it is known among the people that during the occupation Dušan maintained contacts with German officers as well. After the liberation Dušan for some time was used by the State Security Service of the Republic of Macedonia and it is probable that this fact contributed for his continued appointments on high managerial positions during his entire working life.

The same [Dušan] went into retirement 3 or 4 years ago. As a retiree he has been working—he assists his son Jordan: first in establishing, later in the starting-up of the private company "Snežana i Sinovi" ["Snežana and Sons"]; and later with the registering of the import-export company under the same name.

During our intelligence gathering we came to know that Petrovska Nada, wife of Dušan, comes from an enemy family. Her origin is from a Serbian family that moved from Pirot, the Republic of Serbia. Nada's brother, whose name we were not able to find out during the preliminary research phase, took an active part in the Četnik  movement of Draža Mihajlović [Serbian Royalists, who allied themselves with Nazi occupiers during WWII]. The same [Nada's brother] since he left Kumanovo, joined the Četnik movement and from then on never returned to Kumanovo, so that to this day nothing is known of him in the area of Kumanovo.

As with Dušan, so with his wife Nada, among the people they are known as materialists, who have always been involved in doing illegal trade and smuggling and those are the reasons that afforded them to acquire large sums of money.

The Subject, Jordan, finished eight years of elementary school and technical high school in Kumanovo. After graduation he enrolled in the Higher school [College] of Economics in Prilep. He did not complete his Higher Education. As a high school cadre, he found employment in FZC [steel pipe manufacturing factory ''11 Octomvri''-Kumanovo] in the Section for preparatory production. He remained employed there for 5-6 years, after leaving his job he returned to work as a warehouse worker at the "Stan" company where he remained for some time, and left this job to soon after found his own production company "Snežana i Sinovi". Soon after, as part of the company he opened a restaurant, as well as a wholesale export-import company. As an owner of an export-import company Jordan had the chance to establish numerous contacts with owners of companies from R Bulgaria.

The Subject was a member of the SKM [Communist Union of Macedonia] until the fall of Socialism and the establishment of the multi-party political system of our country. From then on the Subject is known to have adopted a VMRO-political ideology [the reference is to the party VMRO-DPMNE, which at the time held a center-right ideology]. As an owner of an economically strong company during the first elections (during the pre-election campaign) the Subject donated large sums of money to his own party for its propaganda and persuasion efforts.

According to the findings of the SDB [State Security Service] in his current business dealings with people from the Republic of Bulgaria the Subject is making deals under suspicious conditions and circumstances.

The environment in which he moves and the people with whom he is close and is in regular contact  are persons who come from families that hold now or have in the past held the same or similar attitude [ideology] (Georgiev Bojan, son of Georgiev Strahil, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Predrag Dimkovski, son of d-r. Dimkovski Mile and other persons with same ideological-political orientation).

Lately, he has often been visited in his restaurant and contacted by Lt. Col. Tasev Todor of the ARM [Army of the Republic of Macedonia] and Miomir Zafirovski, who was until recently Deputy-Commander of the Municipality Headquarters for Territorial Defense in Kumanovo; he is the son of a retired Major of the JNA [Yugoslavian National Army].

Jordan's wife, Snežana, comes from a middle-propertied [middle class] working family. Her father Spiro Georgievski was employed in the RSVR [a former name for the Ministry of Internal Affairs] up until 7-8 years ago from where he retired. Snežana graduated from high school in Kumanovo, and went on to Dentist School at the University in Skopje, but did not complete her education.

She has been employed at the private enterprise "Senžana i Sinovi" since its inception. She is politically passive, as are her parents.

On the basis of the completed research, the acquired findings and records, we evaluate that Jordan because of his activity, his family origin, his social environment, as well as the findings of the suspicious environment in the sphere of commerical cooperation as an owner of a company that deals with owners of private and state-owned companies from Bulgaria, should be a person of interest to the SDB [State Security Service].

At this time it is our opinion that it is necessary to work on the discovery and identification of his connections and positions in Bulgaria; a more detailed discovery of the conditions and the environments in the sphere of his commercial cooperation, possible privileges, etc. Our attitude and position [friendly or hostile] toward him for the next period will depend on the findings of our further study of these elements.


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