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MINISTRY OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS of the Republic of Macedonia                                                           
SDB-1st Department      
Operative worker XXXXXXX                                                                      Line of Work:
Evidentiary number: 830                                                                                  XXXXXX

                                              OPERATIVE MEMO 

SUBJECT:  Findings concerning JORDAN
                    PETROVSKI, from Kumanovo.

On 14/OCT/1992 I entered the hospitality establishment "Snežana i Sinovi" [he means to say the restaurant Baba Cana], ownership of Petrovski D. Jordan, from Kumanovo. As soon as I entered the ground floor of the locale, among other guests, at a separate table I noticed were seated the persons Tasev Todor Lt. Colonel of ARM [Army of the Republic of Macedonia], Miodrag Zafirovski, Deputy Commander of what was until recently the Municipal Headquarters of Territorial Defense for Kumanovo, but now employed with the army barracks "Boro Menkov" in Kumanovo, as civilian personnel. He is a graduate of the faculty of National Defense. Sitting in their company was Petrovski D. Jordan, owner of the locale. When they noticed me, both Tasev and Zafirovski invited me to sit with them so they could buy me a drink.

I accepted the invitation; I greeted the same and joined them. In their company I stayed for about 35-40 minutes, and afterwards I left. While I was present, Petrovski Jordan mainly spoke about his latest trip to Russia. The conversation had started before my arrival, so I was able to hear it only in part. From what I heard, it is my opinion that the information which Jordan gave regarding his trip to Russia, in particular that he made a very good business deal with the Russians deserves attention (he didn’t mention names of companies or names of persons). The trip was completed by means of his passenger vehicle, and he was accompanied by two persons from the Republic of Bulgaria. Cooperation with Bulgarian companies was going well, with a tendency to get even better.

With that this conversation was interrupted and a new conversation was started concerning the advertisement regarding the auctioning off of the military facilities in the district of "Karpoš", and then they talked about the Municipal Public Shelters in Kumanovo located in the locality of "Bagrem-Banja" which Petrovski has leased, refigured and adapted for the production of mushrooms. With regard to the mushroom farm, Petrovski said that it was very profitable.

For the entire duration of my stay, I only listened to the conversation, without taking any kind of participation; while concerning his business cooperation with R Bulgaria, for reasons that I took into consideration the findings and information from the report XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX concerning Petrovski and his cooperation and special privileges with companies from R Bulgaria.


The information concerning Petrovski's association and travel with two persons from the Republic of Bulgaria to Russia, likewise Petrovski's good and unimpeded cooperation with companies from the Republic of Bulgaria contains indications which make him interesting, all the more keeping in mind his family origin.

It is our evaluation is that Petrovski Jordan deserves our interest and treatment. 


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