Monday, June 18, 2012


MIA of RM                                                           
SDB – 1st Department      
RUSBD [Regional Department of the State Security Service]-Kumanovo                                                                   
Operative worker XXXXXXXXXXXXXX                                                            
Evidentiary number 687                                                                                             
20/SEP/1993                                                                            [Handwriting:]{PO "CRNI"}

                                              OPERATIVE MEMO

SUBJECT: Conversation conducted with the person XXXXXX
XXXXXX from Kumanovo

On 24/AUG/1993 in the offices of RUSDB Kumanovo I conducted a conversation with xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. The conversation was conducted at our initiative, concerning the previously assigned tasks in connection with PT "Crni".

In the course of the conversation among other things xxxxx said that he made the acquaintance of  PT "Crni" one year ago through xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and does not feel close to him [Petrovski]. Xxxxx in the company of XXXXX has visited the restaurant owned by PO "Crni" on a number of occasions. However, he has never been there alone. PT “Crni” has been trying to get close to xxxxxxxx, probably because xxxxx as a xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, is responsible for the abandoned warehouses belonging to the JNA in the village of Karpoš, for which [Petrovski] has been interested in buying or at least renting, so that he would use them as factory space, where he would relocate the production of textile and wardrobe of his company. In their contacts to date PT "Crni" has shown no interest whatsoever in front of xxxxx. As far as he is concerned xxxxx said that he is quite close with xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx for whom he knows that he is xxxxxxxxxxxxx, while similarly “Crni” quite close with Georgiev {illegible} {illegible} {illegible} {illegible}{illegible} {illegible} in the Kumanovo region {illegible} {illegible} from Kavadarci while his family lives in xxxxxxx where his wife originates from. Xxxxxxxxxx has a private company under his daughter's name. The closeness between xxxxxx and PT "Crni" is probably due to business cooperation. Xxxxx has left him with the impression of someone who is not a stable person and who is a large materialist.

No further intelligence was obtained in the course of the conversation.


The specific piece of information that was provided by xxxxx concerning the connections and contacts with xxxxxxxxxxx is very indicative and deserves our attention.

We will maintain our contacts with xxxxxxx for the purpose of following the contacts of PT "Crni" with xxxxxxxxxxxx as well as discovering connections and contacts with other people xxxxxxxxx


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