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MIA of RM                                                           
SDB – 1st Department      
RUSBD [Regional Department of the State Security Service]-Kumanovo                                                                   
Operative worker XXXXXXXXXXXXXX                                                 Line of work:
Source: xxxxxxxxxxxxx                                                                                 - xxxxxxxxx
Evidentiary number 954                                                                                 06/DEC/1994                                                                                                                               - PT "Crni"


SUBJECT: Obtained intelligence regarding
                    PT "Crni"

On 05/DEC/1994 between the hours of 10:30 and12:00 in the offices of RUSDB [Regional Department of the State Security Service] - Kumanovo I made contact with the operative connection xxxxxxxx who [female], among other things, informed me and of the following:
            [Handwritten:]{ideological connection—to be marked as a connection on this page}
"In the course of a conversation with Tomislav Spasovski, the General Manager of the People’s Theatre in Kumanovo, I found out that during the period between the 15th-20th of November this year Petrovski Jordan (PT "Crni") the owner of "Baba Cana", together with Ljubiša Georgievski – presidential candidate for VMRO-DPMNE [at the election that just past], traveled on some sort of contact to Ukraine. I could not find out what structures in Ukraine, that is, in Kiev, they had made contacts with."

Regarding the President of the Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Kiro Gligorov, Tomislav expressed himself in the following words: "That son of a bitch, the only thing he deserves is a sniper, and when he dies, throw a grenade in his grave, so even down there he gets no peace. Our time will come, one way or another, we will get power."

Ljubiša Georgievski is very capable man. Spasovski and he frequently meet in some cottage in the area of Strumičko or Radoviško. During one of their contact there, as far as the Source was able to find out, besides Spasovski and Ljubiša Georgievski, Boris Zmejkovski, Ljubčo Georgievski and Dosta Dimovska were also present. A few days after the mentioned contact, Tomislav said that somebody had infiltrated them. Lenče, the spouse of Ljubiša Georgievski, had frequently tried to reach Spasovski, at his home, as well his office phone number.

"Additionally, from conversation with Spasovski I found out that during the past heating season (the winter of 1993) the money that was received by the People’s Theatre in Kumanovo from the Ministry of Culture from Skopje was spent for some other purposes, probably given to VMRO-DPMNE, while PT "Crni" purchased heating briquettes from the Republic of Bulgaria, and donated them as a gift to the theatre".

No further intelligence was obtained in the course of the conversation.


The findings and information presented by operative connection xxxxxxx, are perhaps not very significant or security-interesting in themselves, but, having in mind her closeness with Tomislav Spasovski, and through him to PT "Crni" there are possibilities and conditions for us to prospectively arrive to more interesting security-interest findings and information, which would be a subject of interest of the SDB [State Security Agency]. We estimate that through xxxxxxxx, within reasonable time, we will succeed in discovering a larger number of connections and contactors from the Republic of Macedonia, followed by those from the Republic of Bulgaria.

Because xxxxxxxxxx has contrary political and ideological convictions from PT "Crni" and Tomislav Spasovski, they often discuss [politics], and she frequently counters them because she {Remainder of page missing}

…political opinions and convictions, during which they even get into heated conflicts.

xxxxxxxxx was advised to be persistent in improving her relations with the two, not to oppose them very frequently or very sharply [when discussing politics], to partially accept their discussions and opinions, so that she can get their trust [they would be more comfortable] and speak in front of her of their future plans and intentions. 

Operational worker                                                                                         xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
      REMARK OF THE CHIEF OF  xxxxx                                          xxxxxxxxxxxx


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