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MIA of RM                                                                          STATE SECRET
DBK – 1st Department                                                         STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL
UDBK – Kumanovo                                                            SECTOR: xxxxxxxxx
Operative Worker xxxxxxxxxxxxx                                      Line of Work
Evidentiary number 1119                                                         - xxxx -             
[Handwritten:]{deregistered PT "Crni"}                                            xxxxxxxxxxx


                                                OPERATIVE MEMO
For a conducted conversation.

I. On the 27/OCT/1997 between the hours of 13:00 and 14:00 o'clock a conversation was conducted with PETROVSKI Dušan JORDAN, born on 24/JAN/1953 [sic] in Kumanovo, where he lives in an apartment on "Pitu Guli" street number 15; Macedonian, citizen of the Republic of Macedonia; married, father of two children; owner of the company "Snežana i Sinovi" and the restaurant "Baba Cana"; who used to be entered into  Preliminary Treatment under the pseudonym "CRNI", and is currently deregistered.

No operative expenses were incurred.

The Operative Memo has been submitted on 28/OCT/1997.

II. The conversation was conducted at our initiative; and had the purpose of obtaining security-interesting findings and intelligence from possibly realized assignments which had been delegated to [Petrovski] in the course of our last contact, on 03/SEP/1997 in the restaurant "Baba Cana"; [these are the same assignments] which had been delegated to him, and which he accepted in the course of our contact on 19/DEC/1996, in the same restaurant, and in the presence of the Lead Inspector xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. The assignments delegated are concerning the contact which he was supposed to carry out with Ogñan Petkov from the Bulgarian Trade Mission in Belgrade, as well as his contacts with Angel Dimitrov, Ambassador {Next two lines missing}  
…Belene, with whom because of misunderstandings in the financial cooperation, their mutual relation has ceased since 1993, because he still owes him a large amount of money, because of which proceedings have been commenced by [Petrovski], through his legal representative.


The expected findings and intelligence were not obtained in the course of the conversation, due to the fact that Petrovski failed to realize the agreed contacts and conversations with Ogñan Pektov and Angel Dimitrov, which [Petrovski] claims is the result of his dire financial straits, due to which he could not afford to cover the expenses of the trip; because of which he and his wife are now operating the restaurant by themselves with no hired help; that they are keeping the restaurant "Baba Cana" open for business even though it is not turning a profit, because they have to do something, and to hope for better times ahead; and because they lost faith in the institutions of the system of the Republic of Bulgaria, as well as of those of the Republic of Macedonia.

The judicial institutions of the Republic of Macedonia—the courts, [according to Petrovski] are wholly ineffective. The proceedings commenced by [Petrovski] against XXXXXXXXXXX [OT "Rimljanin"] and Dragan Daravelski from Kumanovo are kept at the preliminary phase, since despite the scheduling of six different hearings, the defending parties have failed to appear, due to an excuse that the Court was not able to serve them with notices to appear; due to which Petrovski considers that this institution is likewise corrupt, and is under the impression that the presiding judge is colluding with the defendants.

At the end of the conversation Petrovski asked for our help, if at all possible for the DBK to exert influence upon the court to speed up the proceedings and bring them to a conclusion.

His request was accepted by us; while at the same time he took it upon himself as an assignment and an obligation to call by telephone and schedule a contact with Ambassador Angel Dimitrov, in Skopje, where he would present his case concerning the company "Konstantinovi 90" and would ask for the Ambassador's aid to have this dispute resolved as quickly as possible.


The sort of dual behavior exhibited by Petrovski is suspicious. He has made promises on a number of occasions to materialize the assignments which have been delegated to his, which would be of his benefit as well as of the DBK's; while he has made no effort at all at completing his assignments, finding an excuse in his financial difficulties; which excuse we cannot wholeheartedly accept.

It has been agreed that we contact Petrovski again on 30/OCT/1997 at the restaurant "Baba Cana".

                                                                                                           Operative worker




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