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MIA of RM                                                           
SDB- 2nd Department                                                 Line of work:
Operative worker xxxxxxxx                           "VRHOVISAM" xxxxxxxxxx
Evidentiary number 363                     Persons: - xxxxxxxxxxx
19/APR/1995                                                     - PT "Crni" (in the line of xxxxxxxx
Kumanovo                                                         - xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (acquaint…    
                                                                                         of SSS)    

                                                OPERATIVE MEMO

I.          On 19/APR/1995 an informative conversation was conducted with xxxxxxxxxxx from Kumanovo. The conversation was conducted at our initiative, and took place in our offices.

II.        Purpose of the conversation: Obtaining findings for the activity of OT "RIMLJANIN".

The source informed us that he (that is the companies xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx from Belgrade for which he works) cooperates with Jordan Petrovski (the bearer of PT "Crni" in the line of work xxxx, the owner of "Snežana i Sinovi"; with Dragan Stojanovski [Daravelski] the owner "Mak Miks" PT SMD and his partner Predrag Dimkovski xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [the operative connection "Riljanin" whose work is being reported on by the Source]).

All three of them had sponsored VMRO-DPMNE in the last elections, while in that time period he personally purchased goods from them xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx in the amount of 1.5 million German marks and did not pay them timely, but is  now supplying them with furniture from the enterprise "KOMPO".

Because of this, the three of them were very mad at the Source, since part of the money that he was supposed to pay out for that purchase was supposed to be used in the pre-election race [i.e. to be donated to VMRO-DPMNE for election purposes].

It is not known to the Source whether they own other enterprises or if they own mixed enterprises with different countries [a "mixed company" is one owned by entities from multiple countries], although he said that they cooperate with the following companies "Mileks" from Novi Sad, Hajtel from Niš, Tehnokom from Skopje whose telephone number is 114-211, and whose owners are Dule and Čedo [Hanwritten:]{Radomirović, official liaison}. Additionally, they have friendly relationships or are bribing people at the [copper] mine "Bučim-Radoviš", which is the reason why they are able to easily obtain certificates for the export of copper, which they purchase from Ukraine, but they sell as if it is from Radoviš, since copper is on the list of forbidden products to export from Macedonia. By the way, Jordan, has his own warehouse in Odessa, Ukraine.
The Source informed us that as far as he knows, the three of them [Petrovski, Daravelski and Dimkovski a.k.a. OT "Rimljanin"], do not have friends in the Bulgarian army, police or customs agency; and that he is not familiar with the identities of their business partners from Bulgaria, because they hide those from him. He only noticed that in the offices of Dragan and Jordan, there are always copies of Bulgarian newspapers: "Duma", "24 časa" and "Privrednik".

During the election season, their election headquarters was located at the café "Studio-54", owned by Dragan, where the Source met with them regularly. There he noticed that Predrag xxxxxxxxxx regularly spoke against the current government, using foul language when speaking of it; he even said that people need to personally arm themselves in order to take power by force, because they have no chance of winning the election peacefully.

At the end the Source informed us that all three of them have taken loans from the bank, and are have problems paying the interest on the loans, because they are not doing business successfully. Jordan and Dragan have mortgaged their cafés, while sometime in the past Predrag had taken an "employment loan".

In the event that he acquires any specific information which would be of interest to us, the Source stated that he would get in touch with us at his own initiative.


Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, is our friendly connection from the past xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx where he lives and works, while he travels to Kumanovo from time to time, for business purposes, and to see his family. This was used from our side, to conduct an informative conversation with him, by which the above intelligence was received.

The business contacts of xxxxxxxxxx have been worked out, while at the same time some compromising [or discrediting, as in to put in jeopardy] material has been discovered, which if confirmed, would provide solid ground for conducting an informative conversation with xxxxxxxxxx. Specifically, the finding is that through an Unknown Person to Us from "Bučim-Radoviš", [the Subjects] were obtaining documentation for the export of copper, which they are obtaining from Ukraine, while it is forbidden to export, if not previously processed in our country. This information, we suggest, be verified by RUSDB Štip, and if confirmed, to be used by us.

The Source accepted the cooperation [with the SDB] voluntary, and was instructed to identify their connections in Bulgaria, especially those from their police, army and customs agency.

                                                                                               Operational worker,


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