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MIA of RM                                                           
DBK [Directorate for Security and Counterintelligence] – 1st Department      
UDBK [Department of the Directorate for Security and Counterintelligence]-Kumanovo                                                                   
Operative worker XXXXXXXXXXXXXX                                                 Line of work:
Evidentiary number 1357                                                                               xxxxxxxxx         22/SEP/1995                                                                                          



On 21/SEP/1995 at the hour of 11:00 I had an accidental meeting with Snežana Petrovska, wife of PT "Crni", at which we began a conversation concerning the current condition in the textile production industry in the Republic, and with that also regarding their knitting company which is registered as "Snežana i Sinovi" – a textile product manufacturing and trading company. The same [Petrovska], regarding that [the state of her enterprise] said in the last year-and-a-half, but especially in this current year, the working conditions had gotten so difficult, that they were unable to survive [as a business], because of which they shut down the manufactory. They had laid-off all of their employees; they didn’t have the capability to pay off some of the personal incomes, for which they [the Petrovskis] were being sued by the former employees. They have large receivables, but they also have substantial debts. Additionally, the mushroom farm for two years now had no production because of a shortage of "substrate grow medium"; they invested quite substantial funds for the construction and equipment of the caverns, but got no income out of the business yet. Work had become very strenuous for PT "Crni", while his health was in an impaired condition. The same [Petrovska] expressed major concern about his [Petrovski's] health condition considering the problems which we had to materialize, as a result of which he could not sleep at night. Ha has not traveled out of the region for more than ten months because of fear not to {Remainder of page missing}

He [Petrovski] had been advised to avoid physiological and physical stress, but since there was no one to take over the tasks which he normally performed, he is forced to still keep working very hard, and by doing that he is taking major risks with his health. Because the same [Petrovska] was in a hurry, she left, but before she left, she invited me to, when I have the time, stop by at their restaurant "Baba Cana", to which I accepted the invitation and promised to stop by.          

The findings and information which were presented to us by Snežana during the short conversation, although general, we find them interesting, because in short, they present the economic and the health condition of PT "Crni". No interest was shown regarding PT "Crni" by us [the royal "us"], because of the fear that she might discover our interest for him [Petrovski], because I assume that the same [Petrovska] would convey the information to him. 

Operational worker                                                                                         xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 REMARK OF THE CHIEF OF UDBK:                                          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



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