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MIA of RM                                                           
DBK - 1st  Department      
UDBK - Kumanovo                                                                   
Operative worker xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                                                             Line of work:
Evidentiary number 1730                                                                                   xxxxxxx

                                              OPERATIVE MEMO   


At the 1st Department's planning conference held on 20/SEP/1995 in the offices of UDBK Kumanovo in respect to line of work of xxxx, among other things, regarding PT "Crni" it was agreed that his environment be reexamined, that is to say, studied, for the purpose of finding an appropriate person for use. Proceeding in accordance with the agreement, the examination has been completed, during which several persons were identified as persons who are maintaining formal and private contacts with [Petrovski]. On the basis of the executed examination, a study of one person from those identified, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, has been carried out in, with whom we made contact and conducted a conversation for the purpose of evaluating his genuine capabilities, as well as his readiness for further engagement toward PT "Crni". 

In the course of the examination of PT "Crni's" environment in the area of the municipality, several of his business and private connections were discovered, however, since several of them deserve our interest, we do not have the actual capabilities to act on winning [all of] them over for their further use.

His closest connections from the area of the municipality are:

1. DIMKOVSKI  PREDRAG, father Miodrag and mother Hristina, born on 28/May/1956 in Skopje, with a constant place of residence in Kumanovo in an apartment on the street "11-ti Oktomvri",  number 66, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

2. DIMITRIEVSKI PREDRAG, father Dušan and mother Nikoleta, born on the 7/Jun/1955 in Kumanovo, where he lives in an apartment on street "Narodna Revolucija", number 148, representative of "Vitaminka" from Prilep for the city of Kumanovo.

3. STOJANOVSKI TOMISLAV, lawyer from the city of Kumanovo; Jakimovski Gorgi from village Biljanovce, owner of the company "Igo Prom" from the city of Kumanovo, Trajkovski Zvonko from the village of Šupli Kamen owner of the company "Agro Biznis" from the city of Kumanovo; as well as

4. ALEKSOVSKI COCKO, owner of the freight forwarding company "Viva" from Kumanovo.

In addition to the above contacts, PT "Crni" used to hold business ties with a larger number of company owners, however, due to a number of different reasons he has terminated contacts with most of those [persons].

In addition to "Crni's" abovementioned connections from within the country, our Source was able to identify a number (2) of connections from Bulgaria; those are: Cvetan Fingov, owner of the export-import company "Simiport" from Sofia, and Ognjan Petkov, Chief in the Ministry of Commerce.

Concerning "Crni's" business connections from Bulgaria, xxxxxxxx informed us that in addition to the ones mentioned above, [Petrovski] has many others, which in due course [the Source] will identify. The Source did not know which of the mentioned contacts from Bulgaria [it was that] in early 1995 he met, along with his wife, at [Petrovski's] home. According to what "Crni" has said, this was the person to whom he had delivered the money in the amount of one million, but the Source does not know for what reason this money was turned over to this person.

PT "Crni's" conduct in the presence of the Source, as well as the fact that he frequently avoids meeting [the Source] and the fact that [Petrovski] seems to not trust him have caused the Source to become suspicious [of Petrovski]. On the morning of 27/NOV/1995 "Crni" visited the Source and asked if he could borrow 200 German Marks, saying that he had to go take a trip to Sofia, but that immediately upon his return he would pay the money back. The Source accommodated him. [Petrovski] immediately left; however, [as Petrovski left] the Source [secretly] went out and followed him up to a certain point, so as to see where he was going. Upon entering his passenger vehicle, [Petrovski] headed toward Kriva Palanka [Bulgarian border crossing], but changed direction and headed in the direction of border crossing "Tabanovce" of the Macedonian-Yugoslav border. The Source followed him to the border crossing, and when he returned home, he called [Petrovski's] home (22-085); "Crni's" wife of answered and said that "Crni" left on a trip to Bulgaria.

On a number of occasions the Source has noticed "Crni" dodging him, and avoiding telling the real truth.

No further intelligence or findings were obtained from the conversation.


Despite being meager, we deem the findings and information presented by xxxxxxxxxx to be significant and serious, since they, to a certain degree, discover and identify part of "Crni's" business connections illegible illegible illegible
…in selecting and arriving at one or two other persons which to win over to our side for further use toward "Crni".

                                                                                                            Operational worker 



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