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MIA of RM                                                           
SDB – 1st Department      
RUSBD [Regional Department of the State Security Service]-Kumanovo                                                                   
Operative worker XXXXXXXXXXXXXX                                                 Line of work:
Source: xxxxxxxxxxxxx                                                                                 - xxxxxxxxx
Evidentiary number 970                                                                                     12/DEC/1994                                                                                                 - PT "Crni"


SUBJECT:  Registered interesting testimonies
                    by SPASOVSKI TOMISLAV, from Kumanovo. -

On 09/DEC/1994 contact was made with operative connection xxxxxxxxx.
The same was conducted in the offices of RUSDB Kumanovo, regarding formerly delegated assignments concerning PT "Crni" and Tomislav Spasovski from Kumanovo.

In the course of the conversation xxxxxxxx informed us for the following:

"During a conversation with Tomislav concerning the disagreement among the Members of Parliament from the different parties of the coalition 'Union for Macedonia' [a coalition of most of the parties that came out of the Union of Communist of Macedonia], he said 'See how smart your Members of Parliament are? Your Union is very strong (he said this ironically). They won’t hold on to power for long. Regardless, we will take over power. Are you aware that half of the officers in the ARM are ours, and that the same is true of the police force? I have a person inside the State Security Service who informs me about everything that is planned and everything that is being carried out against us in the VMRO. All of our people (he was referring to members and sympathizers of VMRO-DPMNE) that are in the ARM and MIA now are sitting quiet, so that they don't compromise their positions, but when the time is right, then you will be convinced in the truth of what We [the royal "we"] are speaking now'.

"Concerning Petrovski Jordan (PT 'Crni'), Spasovski said that he is very capable man, materially very well situated; that he has broad connections in the Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Bulgaria; and that above all, he is true 'Macedonian'."

No other intelligence was obtained in the course of the conversation.


The information presented to us by operative connection xxxxxxxx, from the testimony of Tomislav Spasovski concerning the members and sympathizers of VMRO-DPMNE in ARM and MIA, are interesting and deserve our attention. Our opinion is that the Source presented those findings to us truthfully, because she emphasized that concerning that issue she quoted Spasovski's words.

Xxxxxxxxxx was instructed resume following Spasovski's commentaries and testimonies in that regard; she was further instructed to keep getting close to PT "Crni"; and additionally to work on confirming the finding about Spasovski's connection within the UVR [Department of Internal affairs, pre-Constitution name for the Ministry of Internal Affairs] or RUSDB Kumanovo, that informed him about the measures and activities which State Security Service has been taking towards them, and their discovery.  

Operational worker                                                                                         xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
RUSDB CHIEF's REMARK:                                                                        xxxxxxxxxx


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