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Line of Work: xxxxxxxxxxx                                      [Handwritten:]{Deregistered
Operative Worker: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                                             13/NOV/1996}
                                        Evidentiary number: 1049

On the basis of Articles 47 and 48 of the Governing Ordinances for the Operation of the DBK [Directorate for Security and Counterintelligence] ("Official Journal of the Republic of Macedonia"—Special Official Journal No. 10, dated 31/Oct/1995), I submit this


TO DEREGISTER FROM PRELIMINARY TREATMENT the person PETROVSKI Dušan JORDAN, born on the 24/JAN/1951 in Kumanovo, where he lives in an apartment on 15 "Pitu Guli" street; Macedonian, citizen of the Republic of Macedonia; married, father of two children; owner of the company "Snežana i Sinovi", as well as the hospitality establishment "Baba Cana".

The person has been entered under the pseudonym "CRNI".

J u s t i f i c a t i o n

The intelligence that DBK - Kumanovo has at its disposal indicate that Petrovski Jordan is engaged in systematic intelligence activity to the benefit of the BNRS directed toward a directed toward a forcible usurpation or endangerment of the Constitutional order and the security of the Republic of Macedonia. In fact, he originates from a family which during the Bulgarian Occupation of the Republic of Macedonia was on her side, his father, Dušan, in particular, was very close with the Occupational Bulgarian police authorities.

Petrovski Dušan Jordan, as an owner of an export-import company had established numerous commercial and private liaisons with persons from the Republic of Bulgaria, FR Yugoslavia, Russia and other Eastern European countries. Special attention was deserves by his commercial associations with privately held and state owned companies from the Republic of Bulgaria; with special attention to his contacts with Ogñan Petkov, Chief of a department in the Ministry of Commerce of the Republic of Bulgaria, for whom the DBK has and its disposal intelligence [indicating] that he is an intelligence officer, and as such is being used by the BNRS. In the presence of a cooperative of the DBK, Petkov has stated that to owners of Macedonian companies such as is that of Jordan Petrovski's from Kumanovo, as well as others whose owners are members of VMRO are to have their needs met, because that was an official policy of the state and of her great interest.

The overall intelligence at the disposal of the DBK  concerning Petrovski Jordan, as well as for the family he originates from, presented the basis for suspicion, that he was being used by the BNRS with the aim of creating conditions for an engagement against our country; due to which in the course of the month of May, 1993, he was entered into a Preliminary Treatment (PT) under the pseudonym "Crni", and with the purpose of discovering, following, confirming and documenting his anti-constitutional activity, to which end [this Department] prepared a special plan which included the execution of several operational and operational-technical measures and activities xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx and activities. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

In spite of the measures and activities undertaken, the findings and intelligence which gave reason to enter him into Preliminary Treatment were not completely confirmed; because of which it was decided to conduct an informative conversation with [Petrovski], in accordance to a previously prepared Proposal, accompanied by a concrete Outline. In the course of the conversation the intelligence which gave reason to his entering into PT were largely confirmed were confirmed; while in addition Petrovski accepted contacts with the DBK, as a result of which I propose that he be Deregistered from Preliminary Treatment, since there is no basis for his further operational treatment.

Kumanovo 23/OCT/1996                                                       xxxxxxxxx

On the basis of the stated, it is my opinion that there is no basis further keep the person entered into Preliminary Treatment, therefore, I propose that the Director of the DBK file Adjudication to deregister the person from Preliminary Treatment.



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