Friday, May 25, 2012


MIA of RM                                                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
DBK – 1st Department                                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
UDBK - Kumanovo                                                                   
Operative worker xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                                                     xxxxxxxxxxx
Evidentiary number 1627                                                                                   xxxxxxxxx

                                              OPERATIVE MEMO


On 13/NOV/1995 between the hours of 13:00 and 14:30 contact was made with the operative connection xxxxxxxxx. The same was conducted at his office, located on "October Revolution" Boulevard, at our initiative; regarding previously delegated assignments toward PT "Crni"; with the goal of discovering his business and friendly connections from the Republics of Bulgaria and Serbia; as well as obtaining a commentary of his opinion regarding xxxxxxxxxxxx [the assassination attempt on President Gligorov].  

For the purpose of discovery and examination of PT "Crni's" business and friendly connections in the Republics of Bulgaria and Serbia, the operative connection xxxxxxxxx is regularly and persistently petitioning PT "Crni" for help in getting him connected with some of them [Petrovski's connections], so that he can start [doing business with them] in an effort to inject better vitality into his company; whose core operation is freight forwarding, but it also does some business as a retail trading organization. Despite xxxxxxxxxx's persistent imploring, PT "Crni" is regularly promising that he will meet his request, however, so far he has only left him with empty promises. 

Regarding the xxxxxxxxxx [assassination attempt on President Gligorov], PT "Crni" has said that sees it as mobsters doing business with each other. And that he disapproves of such means of "settling scores".


PT "Crni's" conduct toward operative connection xxxxxxxxxx deserves our attention, since the initiator of contacts and interest for getting close and commencing cooperation was PT "Crni" himself. However, shortly after, the same began, in a certain way, to avoid contacts, and to prolong the possible connecting [of the Source] with some of his commercial partners from the Republics of Bulgaria or Serbia. The same [Petrovski] has most likely learned that xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx has stepped out of the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE and of his intention to establish another political party; and since PT "Crni" is both a sympathizer and sponsor of VMRO-DPMNE he is keeping xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx at a distance.

The Source was advised to convince PT "Crni" that the two of them hold the same ideological convictions; and that the same [the Source] has nothing in common with xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx because he xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
so that [Petrovski] would take him up more readily.

Operational worker                                                                             xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



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