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MIA of RM                                                               xxxxxxx           STATE SECRET
DBK – 1st Department                                               xxxxxx HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL
UDBK – Kumanovo                                                xxxxxxxx       Line of Work                         Operative Worker xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx      xxxxxxxx         xxxxxxx -                             
Evidentiary number 1254                                           xxxxxx             
23/DEC/1996                                                                xxxx
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                                         xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
            Xxxxxxxxx                                                                 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

For a conducted informative conversation.

I. On 19/DEC/1996 between the hours of 13:00 and 15:00 o'clock, an informative conversation was conducted with PETROVSKI Dušan JORDAN, born on 24/JAN/1951 in Kumanovo, R. Macedonia; where he lives in an apartment on "Pitu Guli" street number 15; citizen of R. Macedonia; owner of the restaurant "Baba Cana", where the conversation took place.

II. The informative conversation in which Chief Inspector xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx took part, was conducted at our initiative; and had the objectives of: observing Petrovski's attitude toward us; obtaining new intelligence and information concerning his last contact with Ogñan Petkov from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of R. Bulgaria in Belgrade[, Serbia]; as well as to discredit Petrovski to a certain degree in front of his friends and his like-minded regulars visiting the restaurant.

III. Obtained findings and information from within the range of concern of the DBK:

In the course of the conversation, which lasted for more than two hours, and which in general was centered on his beginnings as a businessman, as well as the beginnings and first initiatives for opening the restaurant "Baba Cana" and other general topics.

Regarding his most recent contact with Ogñan Petkov, supervisor of the Bulgarian Trade Mission in Belgrade, FR Yugoslavia, incidentally, a confirmed intelligence operative, Petrovski informed us that he again visited the Mission and made established contact [with Petkov] regarding Petrovski's request for Ogñan Petkov to aid him in collecting the receivables from the company "Nesi 2" from Sofia, which owes Petrovski a large amount of funds, because of which [Petrovski] has commenced legal proceedings. Concerning this Petkov said that at the moment he was not able to do anything because he was preoccupied with the situation in Belgrade - the protest of the opposition; but when Petrovski visits Belgrade again, he would probably have more time to deal with his request; Petkov instructed Petrovski to bring the entire documentation from his dealings with the company "Nesi 2", in particular the documents which have been submitted as evidence; they will look at the case together and agree as to what Petkov can and how he can help.

Concerning his dispute with the company "Nesi 2", Petrovski accepted our initiative to also ask for help from the Bulgarian Embassy in Skopje. Petrovski said that he would not have any difficulties meeting with Ambassador Dimitrov, since they know each other personally; and that Dimitrov had in the past stayed at the restaurant "Baba Cana" together with Ivo Jančev; however, he would do that after his return from Belgrade, after he learns of Ogñan Petkov's intention.

Further in the conversation Petrovski informed us that during his last stay in Belgrade and Novi Sad (December 15-18, 1996), while in conversation with a close friendly connection who happened to be a Miloševič supporter he found out that the Belgrade police quit their obedience to Slobodan Miloševič, because of which a large number of police forces were brought from the interior of the country to Belgrade. This was confirmed by Petrovski with the fact that on December 16, on the highway connecting Belgrade with Novi Sad, he noticed 7-8 busloads of police officers going in the direction of Belgrade.

The same source told Petrovski that the discontent with Slobodan Miloševič and his regime is growing daily; and the numbers of the opposition are growing, and with that those of the protesters, which is becoming obvious.

No further findings or information from within the range of concern of the DBK were obtained in the course of the conversation.


Ogñan Petkov's demeanor towards Petrovski Jordan is symptomatic and deserves our attention; even more so when the fact that he is an established intelligence operative of the Republic of Bulgaria is taken into consideration; as well as the intelligence that the State Security Service of Serbia has expressed active interest in him.

Through our contact with Petrovski we will follow Petkov's interest; as well the intelligence and findings concerning the latest events in Belgrade and the Republic of Serbia; as well as the alleged disobedience of the police which we consider to be of interest and deserving of our great attention, because of which through this and other Sources we will follow the situation. 

Operative worker




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