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MIA of RM                                                           
DBK- 2nd Department
UDBK - Kumanovo                                                   Line of work:
Operative worker xxxxxxxx                           "VRHOVISAM" xxxxxxxxxx
Evidentiary number 1473                               - xxxxxxxxxxx
05/OCT/1995                                                  - PT "Crni" (who is being treated                                along the line of xxxxxxxx

I.          On 05.October.1995 an informative conversation was conducted with the Source xxxxxxxx. The conversation was conducted at our initiative, and took place in the café "Fokus".

II.        Objective of the conversation: Obtaining intelligence regarding the attitudes of xxxxxxxxxxx and PT "Crni", and in relation with xxxxxxxxxxxx
III.       OBTAINED INTELLIGENCE: The Source has informed us that pursuant to his agreement with us, immediately following the explosion [the assassination attempt on President Gligorov in Skopje] in the evening he went to the restaurant "Baba Cana", ownership of Jordan Petrovski (bearer of PT "Crni" along the line of xxxxx) and by conversing with him found out that Jordan together with Dragan Stojanovski [Daravelski] from Kumanovo imported (obtained) classroom desks from Ukraine which were designated for the "University" of the albanians [sic] in the city of Tetovo. On that occasion Jordan complained that his political activity he only brought him grief, and he pointed to the empty restaurant as proof (said that customers avoided it) which he substantiated by an example when allegedly an "Unknown to Us" plainclothes police officer drew his gun in the restaurant, released the safety said to all present, Jordan being one of them: "Are there any bulgarians [sic] here for me to give a beating to at once." Since then Jordan allegedly cares only about business and has not been exhibited any political activity. Regarding the assassination of [sic] President Gligorov, although provoked by the Source, Jordan restrained himself from commenting, only expressing an ironical amazement that he had not yet been summoned to the police station and convicted as the perpetrator.

Questioned about where his friend Pepi [Predrag Dimkovski OT "Rimljanin"] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx was, Jordan said that he also had problems stemming from his political activity, as a result of which [the political activities] their partners from the Republic of Serbia had ceased paying them promptly; and that he is presently in Kumanovo and together with his partner Dragan, are vigorously struggling to collect their receivables.

At the end of the conversation the Source informed us that he met the owners of "Afro-kola" from Ohrid yesterday, at the restaurant "T'ga za Jug" in Skopje, and that they spoke about the assassination, where the present gave their views regarding the event, which is that an economic motivation should not be excluded as a motive for the assassination, despite the main focus being on portraying the event as politically driven. Namely he tried to substantiate his view with the intention of the Bulgarian Mafia to keep Macedonia's north and south border's closed [due to embargoes] which would keep the flow of goods open only through the Republic of Bulgaria, as it is currently the case.

IV.       OPERATIONAL COMMENTARY: The source xxxxx is a friendly connection with PT "Crni" and we deem the obtained intelligence from him to be truthful.

Special attention should be paid to the restraint and distancing of PT "Crni" and implicitly of xxxxxxx concerning the assassination, because of fear of measures that the police might take against him. PT "Crni" even express readiness to completely distance himself from his present political activity.

It is possible that the policeman who drew his gun in the restaurant "Baba Cana", ownership of Jordan Petrovski, is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx of the UVR [Department of Internal Affairs] Kumanovo, for which disciplinary action had been taken against him, however since it is possible that it was a different person, we judge that with this {Remainder of page missing}

The source has been instructed to find out about the enterprise belonging to xxxxxxxxxxxxx as well as specifics regarding its work, as well as to resume surveying his attitude.

                                                                                          Operational worker


*Note: Petrovski was on a trip in Serbia during the week of October 2 to 7, 1995 when the alleged meeting between him and the Source took place in Petrovski’s restaurant in Kumanovo, Macedonia.

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