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MIA of RM                                                                                        Line of work:
DBK – 1st Department                                                                        xxxxxxx
UDBK - Kumanovo                                                                   
Operative worker xxxxxxxxxxxxx                                                                
Evidentiary number 1668                                                                   xxxxxxxxxxxx
23/NOV/1995                                                                                     xxxxxxxxxxxxx                                                                                                        




On 20/NOV/1995 between the hours of 14:00 and 16:00 o'clock in the offices of UDBK Kumanovo an informative conversation was conducted with xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx from Kumanovo. The conversation was conducted at our own initiative; and the same had the goal of obtaining security-interesting intelligence and information regarding PT "Crni"; evaluating his objective and subjective possibilities and conditions; as well as readiness and willingness for further engagement toward PT "Crni".

In the course of the conversation, among other things, xxxxxxxxxxx informed us that he is very close with PT "Crni"; concerning business, that they had cooperated amply in the past, and that they are cooperating presently; but when dealing with him a person had to be very careful and cautious, since he [Petrovski] is cunning and parlous; he makes every effort to use his business partners, which is the reason why so many of the persons whom he was cooperating with have now forsaken him as a business partner.

The first few years of PT "Crni's" commercial endeavor were very successful for him; business was exceedingly good; however, beginning at the latter part of 1994 and through the whole of 1995 things began going backwards for him; so that presently, the same [Petrovski] is at the precipice of outright bankruptcy.

In his work so far as an owner of the private company for export and import, as well as an owner of a manufacturing company and one in hospitality, the same [Petrovski] has established numerous formal liaisons in the Republics of Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Ukraine. However, to the Source's best knowledge, in the course of the current year [Petrovski's] relationships with a large number of these have been discontinued or are heading toward a complete termination.

To the Source's best knowledge, the business liaison that PT "Crni" contacts the most with is Bulatovič N. ["First Name Unknown to Us] from the city of Niš [, Serbia], who was formerly the General Manager of the Aleksinac Mines [State owned enterprise], but in 1990 or 1991 became an owner of a private company. [Petrovski] has some commercial liaison in Belgrade [, Serbia], whose name is unknown to the Source, while he only knows that is originally from Kumanovo, that was an officer in JNA [Yugoslav National Army], and retired from the Army in 1990 or1991; after retirement from the JNA he registered private company. Allegedly this person owes PT "Crni" 300,000 German Marks [Ev#363]. Additionally, [Petrovski] has some commercial liaison from Novi Sad [, Serbia] about whom the Source has no specifics. According to what PT "Crni" has said in the company of the Source, he has a many commercial liaisons in Ukraine, with whom business went very well; but lately, even this commercial cooperation had ceased. Often in conversation [Petrovski] mentions Blagoja N. ["Last Name Unknown to Us"] from Probištip or the surrounding area, who used to work as a driver for some domestic construction company; but now lives in Odessa [, Ukraine] and has registered a private company. A few months ago Blagoja N. from Odessa was in the Republic of Macedonia and while in Skopje he was physically assaulted and beaten up in some apartment. According to what PT "Crni" has shared with the Source, this assaoult was arranged by Boris N. ["Last Name Unknown to Us"] from Probištip, who was formerly a manager in the Probištip Mines, but 2-3 years ago had started up a hospitality establishment and soda bottling plant in Probištip. Boris had arranged for Blagoja's beating due to unresolved debts between those two.

Regarding PT "Crni's" formal liaisons from Kumanovo [the Source testified that] they were numerous, but that [Petrovski] was unable to maintain them for any long periods of time. A large number of them abandoned cooperating with [Petrovski] on their own; however, [it is his practice to] as soon he realizes that he no longer has use for his partners, to immediately distance himself from them.

Predrdag Dimkovski [the Source mistakenly keeps referring to him as "Denkovski" throughout the memo], nicknamed "Pepi" xxxxxxxxxxxxxx [OT "Rimljanin"] owner of a private company in Kumanovo is the liaison that PT "Crni" has maintained cooperating with the longest, and also Petrovski Tihomir, nicknamed "Ćosem", owner of a nylon bag and sack production manufactory. Additionally, from Kumanovo as far as the Source was aware, PT "Crni" and Dimkovski Pregrad have traveled frequently to the Republic of Bulgaria together, where "Crni" has many commercial liaisons. It is a known fact that PT "Crni" regularly travels by car, on his own; that he has no trust in anyone, except in the mentioned Dimkovski. However, of late their relationship has become impaired, so much so that they have ceased their commercial cooperation, and terminated all mutual contacts. Except for Dimkovski, PT "Crni" has a very close relationship with Petrovski Tihomir, with whom he shares the same ideological-political convictions.

Further in the conversation, concerning PT "Crni" the Source said that [Petrovski] personally owes him 50,000 German Marks. The house in which he lives xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx has been mortgaged and the same would be repossessed by Stopanska Banka of Kumanovo to which he owes 300,000 German Marks, and the old house in which the restaurant "Baba Cana" is located would be repossessed by some bank from Skopje to which he owed 200,000 German Marks.

Some time near the end of 1994 the Source has personally witnessed that PT "Crni" was holding 1,200,000 German Marks in a brief case; that money according to the Source was handed over to some person to pay off some debts with some company from the Republic Bulgaria or was invested in some Bulgarian bank, the Source was not familiar with how the money was used. The Source allegedly heard that [Petrovski] was stripped of the mentioned money by way of deception while travelling in the Republic of Bulgaria, but whether this was correct or not, is unknown to the Source.

Concerning the mentioned debts and the valuable that [Petrovski] had put under mortgage, the Source found this out in conversation with "Crni"; but, to confirm the truth of [Petrovski's] claims he made a query with Stopanska Banka of Kumanovo. For the purpose of lowering the amount of his debts owed to persons and institutions in the Republic of Macedonia and abroad, but especially in Ukraine, PT "Crni" was forced to sell the two apartments in Kumanovo which he had purchased for his sons. In the presence of the Source PT "Crni" has spoken of his closeness with Ljubčo Georgievski, the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, but that he is even closer with Ljubiša Georgievski, with whom he had traveled numerous times to Ukraine and the Republic of Bulgaria to be guests of some persons; while it seems as though [Petrovski] has visited the Bulgarian Embassy in Skopje on contact.

At the end of the conversation the Source said that lately PT "Crni's" behavior and attitude had become suspicious. He is very stressful; he is avoiding conversations and contacts, and is generally dissatisfied with the [socio-political] system in the Republic of Macedonia. Concerning the assignation of the President of the Republic Kiro Gligorov [sic], [Petrovski] expressed himself with the following: "That's the only thing he had coming to him; he deserved the assassination; I don't pity him at all [because of] what he's done to us".

Other findings or intelligence have not been obtained from the conducted conversation.


We estimate the findings and information presented by xxxxxxxxxxx, concerning PT "Crni" as interesting and deserving of our attention. We evaluate that the Source conveyed it to us fairly and sincerely, since, even though this was our            first conversation with him, left us with the impression of a sincere and realistic person; while additionally, based on our previous partial examination of him we found that he is a positive and honest citizen.

It was agreed with the Source, that is, it was delegated to him as future assignments, that in his contacts with PT "Crni" he is persistent identifying "Crni's" connections from and positions in the Republic of Bulgaria; to work on finding out as much as possible as to what became of the 1,200,000 German Marks; to work on confirming the finding regarding [Petrovski's] assumed contact within Bulgarian Embassy in Skopje; to work concerning the discovery of his further intentions of possible departure from Macedonia and settling in Bulgaria, Serbia or some other foreign country; to work on timely discovery and to timely inform us of [Petrovski'] travels to Bulgaria, Serbia, his visits to the Bulgarian Embassy in Skopje, and of similar activities; with the purpose of our undertaking of further measures.

Additionally, we estimate it necessary to verify and examine with UDBK Štilp the person Boris N. from Probištip, with whom PT "Crni" has business contacts; as well as Blagoja N. from Probištip or the surrounding area, but with place of residence in Odessa - Ukraine.

We evaluate that xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is a positive citizen through whom we will be albe to materialize a large amount of assignments toward PT "Crni", which it has communicated to him [the Source], which he agreed to with pleasure. 

                                                                                    Operational worker 
REMARK OF THE CHIEF OF UDBK:                   xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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