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MIA of RM                                                                                   STATE SECRET
DBK –1st Department                                                              HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL
UDBK – Kumanovo                                                                                                         Operative Worker xxxxxxxxxxxxx                                                     Line of Work
Evidentiary number: 855                                                              xxxxxxxxxxx             
Kumanovo                                                                                          PT "CRNI"

from a conducted informative conversation

I. On 03/SEP/1996 between the hours of 10:00 and 12:300 o'clock an informative conversation was conducted with PETROVSKI Dušan JORDAN, born on 24/JAN/1953 in Kumanovo, Republic of Macedonia, where he lives in an apartment on "Pitu Guli" street number 16 [sic]; married, father of two children; owner of the private[ly held] company "Snežana i Sinovi", which is presently inactive, and the hospitality establishment "Baba Cana" in Kumanovo; entered into Preliminary Treatment under the pseudonym "CRNI".

The conversation was conducted at his home, and was in fact a continuation of the informative conversation that was conducted with him on 15/JUL/1996 in the offices of the UDBK Kumanovo, at which, in fact, this [second conversation] was agreed, and it was done in the presence of the Chief Inspector xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The Operative Memo was submitted on 05/SEP/1996.

II. The purpose of the informative conversation was to present and supplement the findings and information relating to some persons that the Subject presented certain findings and information in the course of the conversation that was conducted on 15/Jul/1996 in the offices of the UDBK Kumanovo.

III. Obtained findings and information from within the range of concern of the DBK;

In the course of the conversation, which was conducted through frequent interruptions due to his wife's drop-ins, as well as through frequent and quite lengthy telephone conversations; PT "Crni" informed us since our last meeting he did not have many new findings to present to us, since, aside from one trip to Ukraine, he had not traveled anywhere else. Regarding the [financial] state that he currently finds himself in, he said that it was not good; however, that he expected that within the next month to month-and-a-half his [financial] state would be repaired, and things would start moving up, and to his benefit. Namely, this time he was able to import a large quantity of merchandise from Ukraine, under, to him favorable conditions, and which he would be able to sell off in a short amount of time; which would deliver him from the present crisis that he finds himself in. [According to Petrovski] [t]his merchandise is generally in high demand at present (parts for tractors and other agricultural machinery); for which he believes that the Agricultural Kombinats [state owned cartels which process agricultural goods and rent machinery to farmers] are in great need of, which makes him confident that the entire consignment would sell quickly.

Concerning Ivo Videnov's father-in-law from Sofia, PT "Crni" informed us that he was not able to locate his business card; that his name is Stojanov; and in addition to his connections from Kumanovo about whom he spoke at our last conversation, he informed us that Stojanov maintained contacts with Miroslav N. ["Last Name Unknown to Us"], representative of "Teteks" [Macedonia's largest state owned textile company, from the city of Tetovo] for Sofia [, Bulgaria]; however that he does not know whether Miroslav is himself from the city of Tetovo, or some other Macedonian town. Stojanov's telephone number in Sofia is 993582716203.

Concerning the satisfaction of his receivables from Ivo Videnov, owner of the company "Nesi 2", PT "Crni" informed us that this matter is going poorly, and that he does not believe that he will be receiving what he is owed {Next line missing}
… and ask for help from Ogñan Petkov, employed in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria, concerning whom he informed us that he has his telephone numbers, which are: 993592650888 (home in Sofia) and 878565 and 870422 (official in Sofia in the Ministry of Commerce).

[Petrovski] is planning to travel to Belgrade in the coming days, where among other things, he is planning to meet with Ogñan Petkov, with whom he would converse concerning his capabilities and willingness to lend his aid in the affair of satisfying his financial receivables from Ivo Videnov form Sofia.

In the course of the conversation PT "Crni" did not present any other security-interesting findings or intelligence, due to the fact that of late he has not had meetings with any of his contactors from the Republics of Bulgaria or Serbia.

[Without being asked, Petrovski] informed us that in the coming days he is supposed to travel to the Republic of Serbia; where he intended to stay for a prolonged period time; with the aim of collecting receivables from the companies that he maintains commercial cooperation with; and that at the same time he would seek to enact contact with Ogñan Petkov from the Bulgarian Trade Mission in Belgrade, through whom he would attempt to settle what is owed to him by Ivo Videnov, the owner of "Nesi 2" from Sofia; otherwise [failing Petkov's intervention], as he himself stated, he had no other hope of collecting on his debt.

IV. In the course of the conversation PT "Crni" had a positive attitude, however, on a few occasions he gave away the impression of a rather stressed out person. Frequently he remarked that he is familiar with what the DBK is interested in; and that in future he is at our disposal to resume our contacts, whereby if he comes across any findings that would be of interest to the DBK, he would inform us timely; but that at present there was nothing more that he could say in that regard, since in his conversations with his contactors whether from Bulgaria, Serbia or Ukraine to date, he paid no attention in that regard [national security]; he focused exclusively on business and nothing more; however if working conditions improve and his company is reinvigorated, then perhaps he will have the opportunity of reestablishing his contacts with a number of former businesspersons and may even establish new connections and contacts, whereby, among other things, he may receive findings and information of interest to the DBK.

It is our opinion that PT "Crni" is under the assumption that the DBK has at its disposal certain findings concerning him, which, in a certain way, has been made clear to him as well, in the course of the conducted conversations, which is the reason why a certain dose of fear may be detected in his attitude.

In our opinion it is noteworthy that in the course of the conversation, PT "Crni" made mention of the person Miroslav N., representative of "Teteks" from Tetovo to Sofia[, Bulgaria]. He stated that [Miroslav N.] is very close with Stojanov N., Ivo Videnov's father-in-law, and through him with Ivo Videnov, owner of "Nesi 2", due to what we propose to the 1st Department of the DBK that an identification and examination of the person Miroslav be conducted through UDBK – Tetovo, so that we can determine his further treatment.

At the end of the conversation, it was agreed with PT "Crni" that upon his return from FR Yugoslavia, where he is to have an extensive stay (of approximately 10 days), to contact us [at his own initiative].

Considering that every telephone number that was used by PT "Crni" has been disconnected due to failure to pay the appropriate telephone bills, he is presently making use of the telephone number in the ownership of his father, Petrovski Dušan, who resides at the same address, the measure xxxxx is to be employed.

                                                                                                            Operative worker,

            {Remainder of page missing}

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