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MIA of RM                                                                          STATE SECRET
DBK – 1st Department                                                         STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL
UDBK – Kumanovo                                                            SECTOR: xxxxxxxxx
Operative Worker xxxxxxxxxxxxx                                      Line of Work
Evidentiary number 348                                                - xxxx -             
                                    [Handwritten:]{PT "Crni" – deregistered  IV}

Concerning the article "Police and Politics" published in the newspaper Denes on 28/MAY/1998

For the purpose of expressing the real truth, which I believe to have been heavily distorted and presented as the person PETROVSKI Dušan JORDAN, entrepreneur from Kumanovo, sees it fit to his purpose. I inform you of the following:

"In the town where it resides and beyond, the Petrovski family is known to have had a hostile attitude ever since the Bulgarian Occupation. Namely, Dušan Petrovski, Jordan's father was a close collaborator of the Bulgarian occupying authorities, because of which he was under the Service's treatment for a long period of time following the war. (No dossier on file for Dušan)

Nada Petrovska, Jordan's mother, (now deceased) throughout her lifetime had engaged in illegal trade in the direction of Kumanovo-Sofia, and vice-versa, whereby she regularly contacted security-interesting persons.

With respect to Jordan Petrovski, as a private businessman he regularly stays in the Republic of Bulgaria on business, where he has established numerous connections and contacts with several persons and institutions.

Concerning the course of a few years of commercial dealing with persons from the Republic of Bulgaria, the DSC obtained findings and information which indicate that [Petrovski] is engaged, among other things, in intelligence activities for the benefit of the BNRS, directed toward the forceful change or endangerment of the Constitutional order and security of the Republic of Macedonia.
Namely, in / the course of his stays in the Republic of Bulgaria, he used to contact with Ogñan Petkov, a high functionary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs [of Bulgaria], commercial department; presently a commercial representative of the Republic of Bulgaria to Belgrade; in the time of the SFRY, likewise, he used to be a commercial representative of the Republic of Bulgaria. Concerning [Petkov] the DSC has at its disposal affirmative intelligence that he is an intelligence officer for the benefit of the BNSR; and who has in the presence of a collaborator of the DSC stated that every company whose owners are like Jordan Petrovski from Kumanovo, ought to be given priority in commercial dealings with companies from the Republic of Bulgaria, since they represent a national interest for the Republic of Bulgaria.

In addition to Ogñan Petkov, Petrovski also maintained contacts and connections with a representative of "Multi Grup" to Skopje, Ivo Jančev (now deceased) in Macedonia as well as in Bulgaria; as well as Angel Dimitrov, current Ambassador of Bulgaria to Macedonia.                                 /

On the basis of the overall findings and information which were at the disposal of the DSC, for the Petrovski family in general, as well as Jordan Petrovski in particular, which represented the basis for suspicion that the BNRS was using or was creating the conditions for his future engagement and use toward our country, for the purpose of their confirmation, in the course of the month of May, 1993, he was entered into Preliminary Treatment under the pseudonym "CRNI".

On the basis of the undertaken operative and operative-technical measures and activities a larger share of the findings and information concerning his activity was confirmed, however, without the ability to assemble any valid documentation, because of which, in coordination with xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Petrovski Jordan was formally invited to a conversation with the purpose of clarifying his connections with the mentioned and other persons from the Republic of Bulgaria, as well as determining his future treatiment.

A conversation was conducted on the basis of Articles 5 and 7 of the Governing Ordinances of the DSC and the approved Proposal (Evidentiary No. 328, dated 26/MAR/1996). The conversation was conducted in accordance to a specific outline (Evidentiary No. 327, dated 26/MAR/1996). In the course of the conversation, in addition to the Line Chief Inspector from the DSC's Department for Kumanovo, the regional Chief Inspector was also present and took part. The conversation was conducted within the program activities of the Line of Work, counteracting the activity of the BNRS.

In the course of the conversation, in addition to speaking about his acquaintances and associations with Ogñan Petkov, Angel Dimitrov and Ivo Jančev, Petrovski specified his associations and contacts with Ivo Videnov, owner of the company "Nesi 2" from Sofia, "KOnsatntinovi 90" from Belene, as well as Jordan Nikolov, owner of the company "Konton"-JA and Jordan Petkov, owner of the company "Marjan i Sinovi", both from Blagoevgrad.

In addition, in the course of the conversation, Petrovski also spoke about his commercial contacts with quite important persons from FR Yugoslavia, Ukraine and Russia.

Concerning his contacts with Angel Dimitrov and Ivo Jančev he informed us himself that he established contacts with them at his hospitality establishment "Baba Cana" in Kumanovo as long ago as the election campaign of 1994; likewise concerning Ogñan Petkov, he said that he had met with him in Belgrade a few times. Concerning his revelations, and driven by understandable reasons, it was suggested to him to maintain and foster the already established contacts and connections, while at the same time to make use of them in concluding his legal dispute with the company "Nesi 2" from Sofia; to which he complied, and at the same time he accepted the proposal to maintain contacts with the DSC as well.

About himself, he said that he was a hardened oppositionist. That he never liked the communists, and that he was never a communist himself, that even then [pre-pluralism] in his soul he was an oppositionist, which he still is, and will always be; that he never tied himself to a political party from the simple reason that he is a businessperson. [Petrovski said that he] was a supporter of VMRO-DPMNE, that he sponsored them with 15,000 German marks for the election, but at the same time he sponsored the Liberal Party and MAAK with the same amount, which means that he gave 45,000 German marks in sponsorships.

Concerning the current leadership of the country, and President Kiro Gligorov in particular, he said that he could not stand him because of his disastrous economic policies.

The general impression from the conversation was that we were dealing with a person who in his commercial dealings had entered quite deeply into numerous financial dealings and malversations, which led him to a momentary financial crisis, which was used as a special moment to conduct a conversation and his agreement, as well as [his] request for protection and help in concluding his civil court dispute with his former commercial friends Dragan Daravelski and Predrag Dimkovski [OT "Rimljanin"] from Kumanovo, who had physically assaulted him and beaten him up on a street.

His claims published in the newspaper "Denes" which referred to alleged undefined contacts made by DSC personnel with members of his family, as well as the presence of some sort of arbitrariness, are untrue and are in essence the simples lie and fabrication; every contact made was done so either in the offices of the MIA-UDBK, or his restaurant "Baba Cana", and were agreed upon beforehand; and always, because all of his telephone numbers (4-5) due to unresolved bills had been, and still are disconnected, he insisted that we conduct at his restaurant at any time when we need to; and always our contacts were conducted with a clear and specific purpose; however, in the last few months of 1997, [Petrovski] began evading [contacts] despite the fact that appointments were made; however there were never any, let alone heated arguments or verbal fights, as he is claiming; however due to his inertness and insincerity, as well as evasion of agreed appointments, in agreement with the 1st Department of the DSC we terminated contacts with him.

In the end I can also say that everything that has been undertaken toward PETROVSKI Dušan JORDAN, as well as with him, is within the frame of the Governing Ordinances for the activity of the DSC, with the knowledge of and agreement with the 1st Department of the DSC, and that an operative documentation (Operative Memos) has been regularly assembled.

                                                                                                           Operative worker



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