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MIA of RM                                                                          STATE SECRET
DBK – 1st Department                                                         STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL
UDBK – Kumanovo                                                            SECTOR: xxxxxxxxx
Operative Worker xxxxxxxxxxxxx                                      Line of Work
Evidentiary number 1176                                                         - xxxx -             
18/NOV/1997                                                                         XXXXXXX
{deregistered PT "Crni"}                                                        xxxxxxxxxxx


                                                OPERATIVE MEMO
For a conducted conversation.

I. On 18/NOV/1997 a conversation was conducted with PETROVSKI Dušan JORDAN, born on 24/JAN/1951 in Kumanovo, where he lives in an apartment on "Pitu Guli" street number 15; married, father of two children; owner of the company "Snežana i Sinovi" and the restaurant "Baba Cana".

The conversation was conducted at our initiative/

Operative expenses of 200 denars [approx. $5] were incurred.

An Operative Memo was submitted on 18/NOV/1997.

II. Due to findings at the disposal of the DBK concerning Petrovski Dušan Jordan which had suggested his connectedness and indicative contacts with security-interesting persons and environments through his commercial dealings with companies and persons from the Republic of Bulgaria, he was under Preliminary Treatment of the DBK (PT "CRNI") since the month of May, 1993.

For the purpose of clarification of the available intelligence and findings, their confirmation or dismissal, as well as determining his future treatment and our future disposition, on July 15, 1996, the DBK took steps toward clarification and conduct of a conversation with [Petrovski].

The conversation was conducted in collaboration with xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx whereby {Next two lines missing}

The conversation led us to the conclusion that he had entered quite deeply into a large number of deals and transactions with several persons and companies (but also in a financial crisis) from the Republic of Bulgaria, FR Yugoslavia and Ukraine; and what is particularly significant for the DBK, [Petrovski] acceded cooperation and continuation of contacts with the DBK, whereby he would provide information concerning affairs and situations going on in these countries that are within the interest of the DBK. In that context he was supposed to maintain and intensify his already established associations and connections with Ogñan Petkov from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria, supervisor of Bulgaria's Trade Mission in Belgrade, FR Yugoslavia, as well as xxxxxxxxxxxxx [this is most likely Ambasador Dimitrov] from Skopje.

Shortly after the conversation, at our initiative Petrovski contacted Ogñan Petkov in Belgrade with the purpose of asking him to intervene in expediting the legal proceedings commenced against the company "Nesi 2" from Sofia which owes him a large financial sum (reported in Operative Memo No. 1169, dated 28/NOV/1996) [an OM that was not included in the package]. Likewise, as a result of our stubborn insisting Petrovski contacted xxxxxxxxxxxx in Skopje. As a result of a prior telephone agreement xxxxxxxxxxxxx received him to a 30 minute long conversation in the Embassy's foyer.


In the course of the contact and conversation Petrovski briefly explained the nature of the disputes with his debtors from the Republic of Bulgaria, while at the same time presenting the available documentation for review; whereby [Petrovski] pleaded and asked [the Ambassador] to intervene and aid in expediting and fairly concluding the case [sic].

To this xxxxxxxxxxx replied that this is outside the scope of his duty; however he would try; in particular he would task the Consul ([Petrovski] did not mention a name) to engage in the case, very likely their appearance at [the office of] the lawyer representing Petrovski and at the owners of "Nesi 2", they would understand that it is a matter of a company of national interest. However, in order to accomplish that, Petrovski would have to forward photocopies from the available documentation concerning the aforementioned companies from the Republic of Bulgaria, [supply] the owners' full names, telephone numbers, the representative's full name as well as his telephone number, and to hand deliver them to [the Ambassador] in the course of next week.

At the end of the conversation Petrovski invited xxxxxxxxxxxxx to be his guest in Kumanovo; to which the other replied that he has very little time available, but that he would try to visit. [The Ambassador] said that the former Member of Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia and attorney-at-law Tomislav Stojanovski from Kumanovo had frequently extended invitations to him, and he had not yet visited upon him, however he was planning to make the time and satisfy his request.

No further findings or information from within the range of concern of the DBK were obtained in the course of the conversation.

IV. We deem the findings and information obtained from the conversation with Petrovski concerning his contact with xxxxxxxxxxxxx to be interesting and deserving of our attention. We believe them to have been presented sincerely. Special attention is deserved by xxxxxxxxxxxx testimony concerning his personal appearance and mediation in the presence of the attorney and the disputed companies from the Republic of Bulgaria with which Petrovski, as the owner of the company "Snežana i Sinovi", is having an ongoing dispute, that they would understand that it is a matter of a company of national interest; in light of the fact that the DBK had at its disposal the operative information that Jordan Petrovski's company from Kumanovo was of national interest for the Republic of Bulgaria and that it ought to be aided, as well as others like it.

In our opinion, Petrovski is presently well received by xxxxxxxxxx due to which we propose that for his contact, Petrovski be instructed with the aid of the 1st Department of the DBK.

Likewise deserving of our attention is the information concerning the relationship between Tomislav Stojanovski, attorney-at-law from Kumanvo, and xxxxxxxxxxxx especially in light of his political convictions, as well as information concerning his son Dragan Daravelski's associations and contacts with Ivo Jančev during his stay in Skopje as a representative of "Multigrup" to our country.

We consider it necessary that in xxxxxxxxxx's treatment, his contact and association with Tomislav Stojanovski from Kumanovo be taken into consideration; and it is our opinion that a mutual agreement between UDBK Kumanovo and the 1st Department of the DBK be concluded in order to construct a mutual disposition toward him.

                                                                                                           Operative worker




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