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MIA of RM                                                                                  
DBK – 1st Department                                                             
UDBK – Kumanovo                                                                                                         Operative Worker xxxxxxxxxxxxx                                                     Line of work
Evidentiary number   1746                                                            xxxxxxxxxxx             



On 21/DEC/1995 between the hours of 10:00 and11:30 o’clock a conversation was conducted with xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx from Kumanovo. The conversation was conducted at our initiative, and took place in his office on "Octomvriska Revolution" boulevard. The conversation was conducted with the goal of obtaining security-interesting findings and intelligence concerning PT "CRNI".

In the course of the conversation, among other things, xxxxxxxxxx said that lately PT "Crni" has been traveling Serbia practically every other day; that he is quite stressed out; that he is avoiding contacts with him, as well as with other private businessmen from Kumanovo. [Petrovski] has prepared a written agreement for the sale of his entire real estate property, for which he has appointed xxxxxxxx as the buyer and is pressuring him to sign the contract. The agreement is valuing [Petrovski's] overall the real estate at 100,000 German Marks. By signing the agreement, as the buyer xxxxxxxxxxx, as a matter of course would assume [Petrovski's] debt under which the real estate has been mortgaged.

While in conversation with xxxxxxxxxxx's wife, PT "Crni's" wife, Snežana, stated [her and her husband's] intention to travel to Ukraine after the New Year holidays, where they intend to move to [permanently]. In the same conversation, she was spreading propaganda that Ukraine is the best country in Europe to live in. After some time, while speaking in the presence of xxxxxxxxxx's wife, she made similar remarks with regards to the USA; and that they had troubles deciding [where to move], but, nonetheless [that they had to move] regardless of where, and that they had to move sooner [rather than later], because they could not stand living here anymore.


No further findings were obtained from the conversation.

Another contact was arranged with xxxxxxxxxx, for 22/DEC/1995 in his office xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


PT "Crni's" conduct with respect to his business partners, as well as his intentions for moving away from Macedonia, and the additional findings and information because of which he was entered into a Preliminary Treatment are making him even more suspicious. [Petrovski] is very likely maintaining connections with xxxxx, beside which, the basis for findings exist that xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx was manifesting interest concerning him.

In light of his intentions for moving out of Macedonia, it is our opinion that he ought to be invited to a conversation in due time, so as to clarify [the nature of] his connections and contacts with persons from Bulgaria, as well as his contacts with persons from Bulgaria.

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